Training: Academic Measurement and Evaluation


Al-Madinah International University(MEDIU) Academic Affairs Division recently organized an internal tarining on measurement and evaluation of academic curriulum on Monday, 11 May 2015. The training session attended by the university’s dean and faculty members. The session was presented by Asst. Prof. Dr. Gamaleldin Mohammed and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Yousif Hasan Mohammed from MEDIU’s Faculty of Education.

The program aims to give a detailed explanation on how to deal with the measurement and evaluation of the new skills required in the development of test questions and to improve aspects of personality and academic performance in equipping them with more experience, skills and knowledge that can contribute to improving the level of intellectual, cultural and professional academics.

This session was held in regards of the 2nd version of the Measurement and Evaluation Guide 2015, which was launched with the aim to improve the educational process services to meet current labor market needs and to improve the educational process of the university as a whole which includes the academic members and students. Among the topic that were being discusses are on the  academic calendar aspect, the development of comprehensive exam questions, the academic systems development, measurement and evaluation of the curriculum and others that can assist to develop the capacity and skills of the faculty members in various fields and to provide training opportunities to broaden their teaching skills.