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MQA Accreditation Visit – Faculty of Islamic Sciences and Faculty of Languages


Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) panels and officers visited MEDIU for its accreditation visit for two faculties, Faculty of Islamic Sciences(FIS) and Faculty of Languages (FOL) from 14-15 May 2015. The academic program that were being evaluated are Bachelor of Language (Hons)in Arabic Language & Literature-PA0769, Master in Tafsir and Ulum Al-Quran (B&C)-PA 0776, Master in Fiqh Al-Sunah (B&C)-PA 0777, Master in Qada and Siyasah Shari’yyah (B&C)PA0772 and Master in Da’wah (B&C)-PA 0779.

The delegation was welcomed by MEDIU’s Deputy CEO of Academic Affairs Division; Assoc.Prof. Dr Hj. Wan Mat Hj Sulaiman, Dean of Faculty of Islamic Sciences; Asst. Prof. Dr. Usman Jakfar and Assoc. Prof.Dr Daud Abdul Quadir Elega along with the academic faculty lecturers, registrar personnel as well as administrative officers. The delegation of accreditation panels are Dr. Zakaria Omar (UIA), Dr. Noor Azizi Ismail (USIM), Dr. Mat Taib Pa (UM), Dr. Wan Zulkifli Wan Hassan (UKM), Mr. Hazamzaem Husin (MMU), Dr. Berhanuddin Abdullah (UNISZA), Dr. Faizuri Abd Latif (UM), Dr. Ibnor Azli Ibrahim (UKM), Assoc Prof Dr. Engku Ahmad Zaki Engku Alwi (UNISZA) and Assoc Prof Dr. Mustaqim Mohd Zarid (USIM). Meanwhile MQA were represented by Puan Rosmaliza Mohaidin and En.Norisham Mohamed Noor.

The evaluation of the programs involves discussion and interview session with the deans and lecturers, reviewing of documentation as well as interviewing the students and lecturers through online method. At the end of the visit, MEDIU’s Deputy CEO of Academic Affairs Division presented token of appreciation to the delegates and later followed by an office tour around MEDIU’s academic and administrative facilities.