MoU with Al Watania for Education & Training


MEDIU has step forward in extending bridges of cooperation and moving ahead towards achieving its objective and vision, as well to be in connection with international organization. Recently, MEDIU signed a memorandum with Al Watania for Education & Training Company on Monday, 29 September 2014. The organization is based in Libya and operates at the branch office in Kuala Lumpur.

The MoU session were represented by MEDIU’s Honorable CEO; Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalifa Al-Tamimi meanwhile Al Watania for Education & Training Company were represented by the Board Chairman, Eng. Osama Ben Farag. Mr.Abdilahi Liban; MEDIU’s Head of Administrative Development and Training Department were also present to witness the session.


The agreement between the two parties involved cooperation and exchange of information in regards to the training program, to enhance the academic and scientific, technical and training relations between the two parties through capacity development and the exchange of sources and training initiatives in areas of common interest with the establishment of joint workshops through the cooperation, which will begin in 2015.